can you die from snoring?

My grandma scared me this morning. Well…usually I never snore…and today at 4am she shook me and woke me up saying “you’re snoring!! get out of this depression, you’re slowly killing yourself, you’re snoring!!” (mind you, shes VERY old-school) and it scared me because I didn’t think snoring was bad…and this is the first time its happened. Then again, last night I wore a super tight bra…so that might have something to do with lack of oxygen but still…you can’t die from snoring right? I mean guys do it all the time. Then she says I’m overweight…and how I need to stop drinking soda and eating sugar & I’ve been oversleeping purposely since theres nothing to do at home, I’ll force myself to sleep when I don’t have to. It sucks. But yeah, anyone out there to answer my question?

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